Allan Bayer
Allan Bayer

    Allan Bayer was born in 1974. He trained as a goldsmith with Jytte Kløve and opened his own business in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen in 2007.

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    Allan Bayer is interested in the symbiosis between nature and modern society. Allan's previous career as a car mechanic and his passion for Shamanism and the primordial forces of nature are clearly reflected in the jewelry, which is strong and authentic. There is a beautiful balance between power and emotion, and at the same time a detailed richness that clearly shows his respect for nature.

    Allan is, according to himself, a real 'city guy' who balances his penchant for rock music and the Copenhagen nightlife with a great love for nature.

    Movement, development, adventure and simplicity are key words in Allan's work.

    "There's an inner calm around Allan - like an old tree, a hundred year old oak trunk in a young man's body!"

    Allan Bayer is also one of the winners of People's Bead 2012 and has designed Happy Dragon bead for the spiritual collection.


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