Eske Storm
Eske Storm

    Eske Storm graduated as a Goldsmith from Hertz & Jakobsen in Copenhagen, Denmark and from the School of Arts in Tasco, Mexico.

    "I like to work in a realistic universe - you could call it a typical Danish design universe but maybe it really is in fact my own personal universe. My inspiration comes mainly from my travels around the world and my meeting with local tribal cultures. I'm strongly influenced by old Nordic mythology. You could call what I design space-viking jewelry".

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    "It has been a very natural process for me to work within the Trollbeads universe.

     I carved my own first bead in Greenlandic soapstone when I was 6-7 years old, at the same time I carved my first miniature elephant, which today has developed into the Elephant Lock".

    We crawl through a hole in the fence and thud straight into "Graffiti Heaven". Everywhere around us, between heaps of waste and wild flowers, is the most amazing graffiti. He looks at me."Isn't this place incredible?"


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