Magdalena Jędrzejczak-Nalazek
Magdalena Jędrzejczak-Nalazek

    Magdalena was born in Warsaw in 1972, but emigrated in 1983 with her family to Italy. In Italy she went to the "Accademia di belle Arti" in Florence and graduated with honors. In 1997 she returned to Poland.

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    In the past she has made illustrations and vignettes for science fiction, fantasy and RPG magazines as well as worked for advertising agencies. But today she is dedicated to jewelry design and now her fascination of the goldsmith art finally can come true.

    "My first cycle of beads is highly inspired by Italian masters of painting, especially Giorgio De Chirico, but also other painters like Amedeo Modigliani. Inspiration also comes from my own sculptures, which I made during my artistic education in Florence."


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