Rebecca Cresswell
Rebecca Cresswell

    Rebecca Cresswell is very passionate about art and design; having painted from a very early age she grew up entering competitions and exhibiting her work. In 2002 Rebecca graduated from the University of Wolverhampton’s School of Art and Design, in the UK after studying Illustration. Her installations are seen in hospitals and palliative care facilities throughout the UK and shares spaces with famous British artists.

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    In her spare time Rebecca enjoys long walks in the Shropshire countryside with her partner and pet dog Poppy, a two-year old border collie. The natural world is a great source of inspiration for her artwork and the landscape is the place she escapes to when she needs time to contemplate and reflect.

    Rebecca Cresswell is one of the winners of People's Bead 2013 and designed Silver Lining for the Traditional Sayings Collection. Rebecca designed her bead to reflect the qualities of hope, positivity and seeing the good in a bad situation.

    “I am absolutely delighted that my design and the idea behind it is recognised and included in this lovely collection, it is an unexpected honour. Art is my salvation in many respects, I love to interpret the world around me in a creative way, and there are endless varieties of subjects and possibilities to how we see things.

    I also love the impact and influence that art and design can have on us as individuals; working within healthcare, the great benefits to health and wellbeing in the community from viewing artworks and participation in projects is obvious to me.”


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